What is a Digital Agency?

Types Digital MarketingA digital agency is a type of service that focuses on providing online features to its clients. In the majority of cases, these types of providers will specialise in a range of services – the majority of which will pertain to online activities. For example, some agencies will focus on providing website development services to their clients, while others may offer these features, as well as search engine optimisation, website marketing and social media management.

Depending on the need of the business hiring the agency the services can differ, but in the majority of cases it’s safe to assume that all will offer a similar range of features.

What are the most common services offered?

The most common services offered by these types of agencies include:

  • Social media marketing – a unique service that caters to advertisement via third party platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By developing and maintaining an audience, an agency can help a company or brand to market their products and services to a specific demographic of users
  • Search engine optimisation – typically considered to be the most effective form of online marketing and one that utilises search engine rankings to help websites to display as prominently as possible online
  • Website design – a very popular service provided by digital agencies and one that is often used as the first port of call for newly incorporated companies hoping to make a name for themselves online
  • Email marketing – another popular service for those that already have an audience and would like to start marketing to them via email. This effective technique can be ideal for those that sell physical products, but it’s often utilised by businesses that offer online services or digital products

These are just a selection of the most common services offered by digital marketing agencies. Each one can be tailored to suit the needs of the client and as the market is subjected to more and more of these specialist service providers, prices are expected to drop further and further in a bid to obtain custom.

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